Whats is Metaverse?

Hey everyone, in this post we will talk about metaverse. And the last few post we had a discussion about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Now in this section, let’s talk […]

Buying And Selling NFTs

Buying And Selling NFTs – Consider the following scenario you make something digital, such as music or a film, or even a picture or a sketch, and you scan it […]

Setup A Cryptocurrency Wallet for NFTs

What is Cryptocurrency Wallet? The cryptocurrency wallet is a place that stores a unique digital court that allows access to cryptocurrencies. It is a popular misconception that wallets contain real […]

Decentraland: 3D virtual reality & NFTs

One of the items, first metaverse projects, Decentraland is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Here’s a quick look at its development and history. Decentraland during the pandemic Online everything moment. […]